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World Cup Phrases to Know – Frases da Copa do Mundo em inglês

1. Panenka

A penalty kick that’s chipped slowly right down the middle after the goalie dives to either side. – uma cobrança de pênalti que vai lentamente bem no meio do gol, após o goleiro mergulhar para um dos lados.

2. Azzurri

The nickname for Italy’s national team. Never underestimate the well-timed use of a nickname in a foreign tongue. – O apelido da equipe nacional da Itália. Nunca subestime o uso oportuno de um apelido em um idioma estrangeiro.


An abbreviation for “United States men’s national team.” It’s the Internet’s preferred nickname/hashtag/shorthand for the U.S. World Cup team. – Uma abreviação para “United States men’s national team.” É o apelido/hashtag favorito na internet para a equipe da Copa do Mundo dos EUA.

4. Howler

Most popularly used when a goalie commits an error that results in a goal that wouldn’t have otherwise been scored, drawing real-life LOL’s (howls in the olden days) from the crowd. – mais comumente utilizado quando o goleiro comete um erro que resulta em um gol que de outra maneira não seria marcado, arrancando risadas (antigamente howls) da multidão.

5. Parking the bus

The act of defending with all 11 players and not really trying to go forward to score, figuratively taking a bus and parking it directly in front of goal.

6. Dos a cero

Spanish for “2-0,” the mystical final score in a freakish number of USMNT wins over Mexico in the last 15 years.

7. Tiki-taka

(pronounced “ticky-tacka”) A style of play, most popularly employed by Spain, that’s based on short passing and keeping possession.

8. False 9

A formation that doesn’t include a traditional striker. Spain won Euro 2012 while using a false 9.

9. Dual national

A player that was eligible to play for two or more countries. Modern international soccer is a recruiting game.

10. Set piece

Any situation where a team has a goal-scoring opportunity on a stoppage in play – corner kicks, free kicks, and maybe some throw-ins near the box.

11. Hold-up play

A forward’s ability to receive a pass from long range with a defender at his back and retain possession.

12. Against the run of play

When a team scores a goal (or wins a free kick, corner kick, etc.) after getting dominated for most of the game.

13. Super sub

A star player who comes off the bench because his team is so ridiculously good. Typically applies to attacking players.

14. Golazo

An amazing goal. A goal that materializes out of nowhere from 30 yards out. A goal that bangs into the roof of the net from an impossible angle.

15. In form

Describes a player who has been playing well recently. “Form” is something a player is either “in” (playing well) or “out of” (playing poorly).

World Cup related words (palavras relacionadas)

1. Forward – a position on a basketball, soccer, football or hockey team

2. Net – a goal lines with transparent fabric with a loose open weave

3. Soccer – a football game in which two teams of 11 players try to kick or head a ball into the opponents’ goal

4. Cup final – the final match of any cup competition

5. Free kick – (soccer) A place kick that is allowed for a foul by other team

6. Goalie – a soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal

7. Header – the act of hitting a ball with the top of the body

8. Head shot – an attempt to put the soccer ball into the net by using the head

9. Soccer ball – an inflated ball used in playing soccer

10. Soccer player – an athlete who plays soccer

11. Striker – a forward on a soccer team

12. Tiebreaker – overtime play in order to break a tie

13. Touchline – either of the sidelines in soccer or rugby

14. World Cup – a tournament every year/ every four years between teams to determine world champions

15. Knockout – a blow that tenders the opponent unconscious

16. Kit – gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose

17. Supporter – a person who backs a politician or a team etc.

18. Match – a formal contest in which people or teams compete

19. Chant – a repetitive song in which syllables are assigned to a tone

20. Offside – (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.)

21. Trap – a device in which something can be caught and penned

22. Clear – free from contact or proximity or connection

23. Chip – (golf) a low running approach shot

24. Floor – the ground on which people and animals move about

25. Fullback – the position of a back on a football team

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