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English Neologisms

The creation or use of new words

Let´s google this information.

To google
means using the Google search engine to obtain information on something or somebody on the World Wide Web.

Google: the “most useful word of 2002.” It was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on June 15, 2006.


1. the name of a social- networking service and website, launched in 2004.

verb (used with object)

2. to communicate with (a person) or search for information about (aperson) by using Facebook:
My old boyfriend just facebooked me.

3. to post on Facebook:

I facebooked some photos of my cat.
You should facebook the event so more people will show up.

verb (used without object)

4. to use Facebook:
Does your mom Facebook?
How much time do you spend facebooking?
Can you facebook me the picture?
I facebooked him and he told me where he lived now.


This conversion of nouns to verbs is known as ‘verbing’. Verbing exists essentially to make what we say shorter.

We email, text and message people.

We friend and unfriend (or defriend) people on Facebook.

Please email me/us.
Please send me/us an email.

We tweet about topics that are trending.

We blog. If we don’t know something, we google it.

We skype to keep in touch.

We youtube to watch video clips. And we facebook and whatsapp people about what’s going on.

‘Let’s Coffee’ is the name of numerous coffee shops around the world. There’s also ‘Let’s Burger’, ‘Let’s Seafood’ and no doubt many more.

When offering to buy someone a drink, someone asks “Can I beer you?” and “Do you salad or sandwich?”

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